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About us

Aerial Solutions of Wyoming is a provider of aerial photography, videography, and mapping services. We use the latest drone technology to provide solutions for our clients. Our chief pilot Chris Leatherman is a FAA certified drone operator. He has years of experience with these aircraft and is an adjunct instructor for the Universities of Denver and Wyoming. Check out our Portfolio to learn what we can provide for real estate, special events, and non-profit organizations.




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Aerial Solutions is proud to own and operate top-of-the-line, industry best drone equipment. Check out our awesome fleet!

Our Phantom 4 aircraft are photo and video platforms. These aircraft are equipped with sophisticated cameras that capture high-quality media. The Phantoms are our mapping platforms for creating digital maps and 3D models of nearly any project.

Never touched a drone in your life and worried about flying? We got you covered. The Manic Mini is the perfect training for first time pilots. Don’t let its size fool you the Mavic Mini is a sophisticated drone with flight visualization for stable flight flight time of twenty minutes. We can teach you how to fly.


We offer a wide variety of services, from construction progression, real estate and golf courses with packages starting at $375.00. As a member of the community, we are happy to provide videography services for non-profit organizations and volunteer our services for free or at a very low cost. This is determined on a case by case basis.

    • Construction Progression
    • Luxury Real Estate/Ranches

    Add video of ECSC project from 2020



    • Remote Pilot 107 Certificate Training COMING SOON!
    • Drone Flight Training COMING SOON!


Drones are revolutioning many industries and businesses! From ramping up real estate marketing efforts, to seeing your construction progress like never before. Explore our previous projects and partnerships below and begin to imagine what Aerial Solutions can do for you!

Contact Us

Learn more about our aerial photography and videography services or request a quote. We’re excited to hear about your project!

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